Meet Remedi Repeats.

Repeat prescriptions in your customers' hands.

Remedi is a suite of apps that empowers pharamcies to manage their digital data securely, allowing them to scale massively.

Remedi Repeats

Key Features

Repeat Prescription Managment

Remedi Repeats puts repeat prescription management directly in the hands of your customers. The app based system helps reduce telephone & walk-in orders.

Rapid Onboarding

Customers are able to self-register in minutes, cutting registration based drop off. Registrations are in-app, or via the online management portal should assisted registration be required

Highly Available & Secure

Our platform is highly available and able to scale to meet enormous demand. Data encryption at rest and in transit comes as standard.

Start saving time with Remedi Repeats today!

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Pricing Information

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Vudu Technologies

Who we are, what we do

Vudu Technologies was founded in 2016, with a goal to create a rapid application development framework. After 3 years in development, the first version of our framework, Rococo, was released which powered the data & translation capabilites behind one of our first clients' website.

Early 2019 saw us rebrand from Codedal to Vudu Technologies. We wanted a name more in tune with who we are as people. Something a bit cheeky, and a litte bit different within the technology space we were operating in.

By Q2, 2019 we had built a scalable and highly available platform that allowed us to rapidly generate software from a few words that described the software we wanted to build in a "human readable" format! In keeping with the "voodoo" theme, we named this platform Mojo. Mojo now powers our digital data management platform.

Along with Q4 2019, we released an update to Mojo which has enabled one of our longest standing clients to digitise an unefficient process. This in turn is helping them save a huge amount resource.

One particular statisic we're proud of is that we have helped them to save over...

47,200 sheets of paper!

Here are some ways that we may be able to help you achieve your goals

Digital Data Management

Digital Data Management

Via the use of our platform, we can help you manage your data in a highly available, secure and scalably manner.

App Development

App Development

We build cross platform, enterprise level mobile apps.

Business Process

Business Process

We can help you document your business processes, allowing your in-house development team to build software with a test-first approach ensuring the delivery meets the requirement definitions.

Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

Working as, or with your existing development team we'll help you fill your resource demands with flexible pricing models.

Software Development Coaching

Software Development Coaching

Drawing on our years of experience, we're able to help introduce best practice and move your existing development team towards being able to work more effectively.

Built Logo

In summary, we build software using the latest technologies

Based out of our Cardiff office, we utilise cutting edge technologies to craft the software that we build. We have over 34 years of combined software engineering experience, across the Healthcare, Finance and Education industries.

We have developed a digital data management platform, which we refer to as Mojo. Mojo is a highly available cloud bsaed platform. It is the powerhouse behind the majority of our software deliveries.

We'd love to tell you more & how we're able to help you achieve your goals with our software experitise. Get in touch below and we'll arrange a convenient time for a chat!